6 reasons to visit Moscow in winter

1. Moscow  in winter looks like a fairy tale – it is bright and festive! Winter and snow change the look of Moscow and its residents. The red brick Kremlin walls and towers, St. Basil's cathedral, all houses, churches and parks look very attractive covered with snow, decorated with street lights and Christmas decorations. Besides Moscow is the place to see how elegant winter clothes can be! And please do not forget your own hat, gloves, a scarf, a fur coat and warm boots if you plan to enjoy Moscow in winter! 


2. Do you know that Moscow in winter has over 300 ice-skating rinks? All Moscow parks have ice-skating rinks. They usually work from November to end of March.  The most famous ice-skating rinks in Moscow are in Red Square, in Gorky park and in VDNKh park. They all have artificial ice and stay open even during thaws. Going to skate in Moscow parks does not mean that you should skate well! Very often going skating in a park is the way to meet people, eat out in cafes at skating rinks and enjoy romantic atmosphere of beautiful lights and ice! Skating is a nice way to watch people and even to make acquaintances drinking a cup of tea or hot chocolate! Since ice-skating is very popular among educated people, many of them speak English. 

3. Take an ice-breaker cruise on Moscow river in winter! Moscow river freezes in winter nights and it is fun to watch ice around your boat and even to hear how it cracks. We recommend to take Radisson cruise boats in winter because they are both comfortable and allow great view through huge windows. 
4. Cross-country skiing in parks of Moscow is a unique opportunity to enjoy snow and stay warm! This is the sport for regular people, not super-athletes. Local people do cross-country skiing from age of 5 to 100! Beauty of Russian winter and fresh air will guarantee you excellent mood! If you need a company, private guides of Tour of Moscow company are ready to organize your outdoors sports! 

5. Do you know what Muscovites like most of all in winter? Locals like to relax in warm cozy places after a walk or outdoors sport. There are so many nice cafes and restaurants in Moscow!
6. Cultural life in Moscow in winter is very rich! Both locals and tourists are spending time indoors visiting over 350 theates, 70 concert halls, 250 museums. Some of them are real jams! We recommend to buy tickets to concerts and theatres in advance! For more detailed recommendations please check our article about theatres in Moscow. 




Tips what to do in Moscow in winter