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Moscow is full of surprises, a vibrant and multi-faceted gem of a city. Visiting Moscow you will see all kinds of places from the 15th to the 21st centuries. Visit Moscow Russia and you will see reflections of fascinating and, at times, tragic Russian history. Streets and squares of Moscow can let you penetrate into Russian history better than any history book. Tourists visiting Moscow notice that it is something of a paradox. Luxurious bourgeois districts dating back to pre-revolutionary period lie next to strict minimalistic constructivist blocks. Visit Moscow to witness its self-assured move into its unique style and culture. Being the capital of the biggest state of the world, Moscow has absorbed and assimilated the cultures and cuisines of many nationalities. Visit Moscow Russia and you can come in touch with the whole Russia and even former Soviet republics.



Do you know the best places to go in Moscow?

Moscow accounts for 10 percent of the overall Russian population and 20% of the GDP. It has 135 theaters, the most beautiful underground transportation system, a lot of parks, museums and exhibition halls.

Planning to visit Moscow you should be prepared that there are not many inscriptions in English and it is not always easy to find an English speaking person on the street. However restaurants in the city center usually have English menu. There are also street signs for tourists in English pointing towards of landmarks: monuments, theaters, museums and major streets.

These days the number of pedestrian zones is growing. Several parts of the Moscow riverside and some narrow streets on the city center have been either turned into walk-only areas or equipped with wide pavements, making them tourist-friendly.

In order to enjoy your visit Moscow and to get the most out of it, it might be a good idea to read some books on Russian history and have some basic knowledge of the Russian language. But if you would rather just relax and feel taken care of while visiting Moscow, there is another option: hire a good local guide who will tell you fun stories, translate and show all the variety of the capital to you. That will make your visit Moscow Russia both easy and enjoyable.

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