Living in Moscow

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Being born and bred in Moscow we would be happy to take you into our local enviroment!

We will go to a 'sleeping district' - a residential quarters where most people live. Covering at least ¾ of the city's territory, these boxy apartment blocks surrounded by an ocean of greenery represent a real Moscow much better than anything else. You will learn about the kinds of people living behind monotonous windows of a multistorey buiding, about their joys and worries, attitudes to family, neighbors, aging, gender and health, about their earning and spending habits, popular topics for discussion, about what makes them frustrated and what makes them laugh!


Learning about the local food culture is another part of the experience. We will see what is there in a grocery store and what for people would rather go to the market. We will taste some of the local specialties there and then on to Gorky Park - our favorite hangout place.


Duration: 5 hours
Cost: group of 1-2 people - 300 USD, group of 3-5 people - 350 USD
Additional expenses: food and drinks



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