Two days tour of Moscow

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Walking Tour

Red Square - the main Moscow square by the Kremlin walls

The Tomb of Unknown Soldier - a sumptuous monument to the soldeirs killed at the WW2

St. Basil's Cathedral - a colorful multi-dome church, a landmark of Moscow (interior if optional, the ticket costs 500 RUB)

GUM shopping mall - an elegant 19th century department store under a glass roof

Bolshoi Theatre - a home for Russian ballet

Lenin's Tomb - a place where the embalmed body of the founder of the Soviet Union can be seen for almost a century

KGB (FSB) Headquarters - here the powerfull KGB worked in Soviet times

Christ the Saviour Cathedral - the main church of the city and the biggest Orthodox Chruch in the world


Tour of the Kremlin and the Armoury

The Kremlin is the oldest part of Moscow, a citadel in the centre of the city, where Tzars used to have their residences and where the office of the President of the Russian Federation is located.

The Armoury Chamber 
collection is based on the royal treasury and contains regalia, thrones, carriages, dresses, jewelry and arms*.

* On a high season the Armoury should be booked well in advance. But even if you are late - we still have some other interesting things to show you instead.


The Trertyakov Gallery is the best collection of Russian art you can see in Moscow. Its core - the 19th century realistic paintings, which can tell a lot about daily life and historical events.


The Moscow Metro is not only a super efficient means of transport, but also it is undoubtely the most beautiful underground in the world, where every station looks like the room of a palace. During the tour we will visit 4-5 the most beautiful stations, built in the 30-50ss. The guide will help you to get familiar with how to buy tickets and how to use the metro.


Kolomenskoye Estate is a beautiful Estate used to be the favorite summer residence of the Russian tzars in the 16th to 17th Centuries. Ancient apple orchards, walls and gates, Kazan Church and the UNESCO protected Church of the Ascension have all survived from this period. 


Tour duration: 2 days, 6-7 hours every day
Tour cost English - 480 USD. May be paid in cash, by credit card or online.
Additional expenses: The Kremlin and Armory Chamber – 35 USD per person + tickets for a guide (to be prepaid), Tretyakov gallery – 500 RUb + a ticket for the guide. Metro (1 trip - 52 RUB).

Two Days Tour Delux includes a city tour by a private car

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