1/2 day. The Kremlin and the Armoury

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The Kremlin is the oldest part of Moscow, a citadel in the centre of the city, where Tzars used to have their residences and where the office of the President of the Russian Federation is located. The main attractions we will see during the tour of the Kremlin, are:

The marvelous Cathedral Square, which extraordinary architectural ensemble was formed in the early 16th century;

The most venerated Moscow temple – the Cathedral of the Dormition. Dating back to 1479, the Cathedral hosted the coronations of Russian tzars and emperors;

The burial place of Russian rulers – the Cathedral of Archangel Michael;

The walls of the Kremlin with its 20 towers and other monuments.

The Armoury Chamber's collection is based on the royal treasury and contains regalia, thrones, carriages, dresses, jewelry and arms. Amongst the most famous exhibits are Faberge eggs.

Tour duration: 3 hours
Tour cost: 120 USD

Additional expenses: The Kremlin and Armory Chamber tickets – 55 USD per person + tickets for a guide (to be prepaid)



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