How much things cost in Moscow?


In the metro we pay a fixed price at the moment you enter it. Its price doesn’t depend on how far you go or how long you will be underground. Price of one ride is 55 RUB (1 USD is about 65 RUB).

There are also cards for unlimited trips valid for a number of days:

1 day - 230 RUB

3 days - 438 RUB

More about using metro in Moscow



It is cheap if you use it right. The right way is via an application similar to Uber – Yandex.Taxi or Gett. 10 minutes ride will cost from 200 RUB (about 4 USD). Prices can go up during rush hour or simply in case of many requests from the same place.


Bus tickets are the same you use in the metro. You can buy one directly from the driver (55 RUB/0.9 USD) or simply use your PayPass card at one of the payment terminals inside the bus – it has a PayPass sticker.


Airport shuttle train (Aeroexpress) - 550 RUB (9 USD)

Taxi to the airport fromthe city centre (with no serious traffic) - 1300 RUB (20 USD)




Water 0.5 litres – 50 RUB / 0.8 USD
Bread – 50 RUB/ 0.8 USD
Ice cream – 50-100 RUB / 0.8 - 1.5 USD
Milk 1 litre – 100 RUB /1.5 USD
Beer – 90 RUB/ 1.5 USD
Wine – significantly more expensive than in the country where it was produced. Add 50-100% to its original price.
Chocolate bar – 80 RUB/ 1.2 USD
Red caviar (150 gramms) – 500 RUB/ 8 USD
Vodka – from 500 RUB / 8 USD
Apples (a kilo) – 200 RUB/ 3 USD

Cigarettes (a pack of 20) - 1.5 USD



Meal in a decent, but not luxurious restaurant:

A main course - 15 USD

Bottle of wine – from 50 USD. Note, that water never goes for free and can cost up to 7 USD per 0.7 litres bottle.

Сoffee – 4 USD

Water 0.5 litres – from 2 USD to 7 USD for imported mineral water in a glass bottle.

There is almost no such thing as street food. But you can have a quick bite like a sandwitch in a cafe for about 5 USD. Also almost every restaurant has a lunch set on weekdays from 12 to 4 pm. Much cheaper! You can eat 2-3 courses lunch for about 10 USD.

Tips are typically 10% and are not included to the price. They are always paid in cash.



An average museum fee for an adult visitor – 500 RUB (7-8 USD). Children under 16 can go free at some places. The most expensive Moscow museum is the Armoury Chamber – 1000 RUB.



Guiding services Individual guide’s services – 40 USD per hour

Private transportation – from 20 USD per hour