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Suzdal Vladimir daytrip from moscow golden ring russia

Suzdal is one of the most visited "Golden Ring" Russian town. Being a powerful city in the past, it preserves the layout and the spirit of a typical old Russian town.

Suzdal used to be one of the major cities of Medieval Russia and it has survived in virtually its original form. There are no modern tower blocks there, instead the center features vast flowering meadows and a river. It is the perfect place for taking photos, tasting traditional food, drinking mead or just breathing fresh air. There is a big choice of hotels in the town - from low-budget hostels to four-star hotels (which are still very inexpensive, compared to Moscow and other European capitals). The main highlights of a visit to Suzdal are:

Suzdal's Kremlin with its Cathedral for the 13th century

The Saviour Monastery of Saint Euphymius with its impressive fortress-like walls, picturesque location and colourful murals.

The Museum of Wooden Architecture, where you can take a look inside restored peasant houses.


... and the town itself with its numerous churches, wooden houses, hills and river.


Suzdal is a centre of mead production. Mead is a low-alcoholic drink made with honey and is one of the oldest kinds of beverage in the world. There is also a pottery in the town, and souvenir-hunters can buy woolen shawls, nesting dolls and wood and ceramic knick-knacks at reasonable prices.



Car or minivan transfer from Moscow to Suzdal and back is also an option. It takes 3-4 hours one way.

Tour duration: 12 hours
Tour cost: 350 USD. It includes the museum entrance fees and transportation around Vladimir and Suzdal.
Additional expenses: T
rain tickets from Moscow to Vladimir and back (return trip - from 40 USD). 
This tour can be organized as an overnight one or combined with visiting other cities. Request for the price please.



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